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Welcome to the Sunshine Coast!When it comes to what makes the Sunshine Coast so special, you’ll find the clue is in our name.  We have a sunny disposition that radiates from the inside out, and it’s reflected in everything we do, from our laidback lifestyle to our warm hospitality. ... 详细 >>



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Kidada Tamar

Two days ago
The boat was awesome! The captain and crew made sure our experience was nothing but fun and very accommodating to what we requested all whilst keeping us safe! The speed was not too fast, and we had a fantastic time for the Sydney harbor cruise! Thanks Nboats!

Carey Harriman

Five days ago
Recently found Uboat website. Booked a trip for my son's birthday and had an excellent time. I plan on using this platform moving forward. Very satisfied with my experience.

Darnell Kingsley

Three days ago
Total enjoyed the fishing experience today. Matt and Adam are absolutely amazing. Always helping, even when many of our friends don't speak English. We got loads of fish and Matt clean up all of them for us.

Michael Wilkinson

Three days ago
Highly appreciate uboat excellent customer service. Alex was so friendly, attentive and super professional. We contacted Alex in a short time and was anxious about the available of the yacht we wanted. Thanks

Berneice Somers

One day ago
It was a great day all round. There was about 11 people fishing on the boat, so there was a few tangles but nothing the crew couldn't fix quickly. We caught a decent amount of fish.