Luxury Yachts

There are lots of boat hire options in the following cities, but we specialise in fully crewed boat hire. We have small wooden Italian speed boats that hold up to 4 people right up to huge glass function boats that hold up to 950 people. Depending on the boat hire option that you go for you may have a fully catered cruise or a BYO cruise.

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    21 Luxury Yachts
    65 fishing charters
    7759 People Has experience

    Gold Coast

    21 Luxury Yachts
    52 fishing charters
    2773 People Has experience


    17 Luxury Yachts
    72 fishing charters
    3789 People Has experience


    7 Luxury Yachts
    37 fishing charters
    3349 People Has experience


    15 Luxury Yachts
    13 fishing charters
    277 People Has experience


    137 Luxury Yachts
    259 fishing charters
    15077 People Has experience


    0 Luxury Yachts
    47 fishing charters
    1593 People Has experience