Q:Why fishing boats could not been viewed on the web?

A:Nboats.com adopts a unique commercial mode based on competitive mechanism. Like UBER, what clients need to do is simply listing the Number of person, preferable type of boats on the web, then, the nearby boat owners who match the requirements would compete for the order according to their time and availability. Boat reservation will be rewarded preferentially to ship captain with highest rating, who is committed to provide clients with the best possible experience.

A:How to make a boat reservation and pay the fee?

For fishing boats

Step1: Select the destination, chartering hours and type of boats, and complete the advanced payment.

Step2: Nboats.com lists the chartering reservation on the web, the nearby captains compete for the order.

Step3: Nboats.com issues the confirmation letter including the boat embarking time, place and contact of the captain.

Step4: Proceed to the boat embarking point, and start the journey.

For pleasure yachts

Step1: Select the yachts according to your destination and activity subject.

Step2: Contact the customer services to check the availability of the yacht, and pay the 30% fees in advanced.

Step3: Nboats.com will send you an acknowledge mail or SMS, complete the rest 70% payment. Then, Nboats.com will issue a confirmation letter including the yacht embarking time, place and contact of the captain.

Step4: Proceed to the yacht embarking point, and start the journey.

A:Under what circumstances make the boat reservation success?

Q:For fishing boats, once client makes the payment and get the confirmation letter from the web, the reservation is regarded as success and completed.

The luxury yachts adopt a second payment policy. After paying a 30% deposit, and receiving a 70% of the web's last payment reminder email or SMS, the client should pay the rest fees as soon as possible to lock the selected yacht. After that, the web will issue a confirmation letter and the reservation is regarded as success and completed.

Q:What kinds of payment methods the web supports?

A:The fee could be paid through paypal, Royalpay, Alipay, Wechat, RMB or bank transaction

(ACC NAME: C AND A YACHT CLUB, ACC NO.:904533,BSB:033172).

Q:What kind of activities could play onboard a yacht?

A:Generally, clients could experience relaxing in the open environment of the sea and sky and enjoy the beautiful scenery. At the same time, appropriate leisure meals and snacks, family or friends gatherings, business receptions can be carried out on board. If the weather and wind waves allow, you can also do some fishing, swimming, snorkeling and other water activities.

Q:Could fishing at sea?

A:All fishing boats in our dictionary are commercial licensed fishing boats, Captains with more than 15 years fishing experiences will be happy to provide our clients with their skills and guide.

Q:Is it possible to change the Number of passengers onboard?

A:Whether it is a fishing boat or a pleasure yacht, once the Number of pax is confirmed, the chartering fees will not change in case of some pax may not be able to embark the boat. If clients want to add more pax, within the capacity of the yacht and with the consent of captain, the difference should be paid.

Q:Could the reservation be changed or cancelled?

A:Please find the “Cancellations and Refunds”policy for details.

Q:What happens if the journey encounters heavy weather?

A:Please find the “Weather Conditions “policy for details.

Q:Can we bring our own food and drinks?

A:Most fishing boats allow pax to bring their own food and drinks, and do not charge any BYO fees. However, luxury yachts depend on each yacht owner’s policy. Some of them are ok with pax own food and drinks, and charge a certain service fee, while some are prohibited especially for party boats. Please contact customer service for specific policy.

Q:What kind of clothes and shoes should be prepared for the boat, anything need be to pay attention to?

A:In general, the climate at sea is cooler than on land, the wind is heavier, and sunshine is also stronger. So, it would be recommended to wear non-slip shoes, hats and sunglasses. Please be minded that the high-heeled shoes are prohibited onboard some yachts. Swimming suit, goggles and sunscreen are also recommended, if the weather is fine, you could enjoy swimming in the sea.

Q: Can children go out on boat?

Under normal circumstances, it is ok, you can consult customer service.

Q:Is pet allowed onboard boats?

A:Many of our boats welcome pet onboard, but it may charge some fees. Please contact our customer service in advanced for details.

Q:How to order food and beverage for the luxury yachts?

A:If you choose to enjoy a journey onboard a luxury yacht, you need to consider whether to bring your own food and beverage or choose to be provided by yacht. They have a variety of selections to cater for our clients. Please contact our customer service in advanced for details.

Q:Is the lifejackets available onboard?

A:The Maritime Act has strict requirement for the lifesaving equipments onboard commercial boats. Once you place the order, please inform us if you will bring any children or infants with you, we will contact with the captain to arrange some children lifejackets.

Q:Is it safe to at sea?

A:Safety is our top priority. Compared to private yachts, commercial boats have strict safety requirement, both for boat and for captain and skipper. And we are also proud of our staff, they all have the maritime background and experiences. We ensure our clients that all yachts listed on Nboats.com are selected elaborately, and been inspected by professional maritime safety counselors to ensure the safety and security of boats.

Q:Do the boats buy any insurance policy?

A:All boats listed on Nboats.com are commercial boats, and have bought the relevant insurance policy as required by local law. However, they are mainly to protect the boat owner’s interests, as a result, it is highly recommended that our pax to buy an additional insurance policy for the journey. Nboats could help you to find the best solution.

Q:Will I be seasick?

A:Luxury yachts are mainly sailing around the city and coastal areas, and guests generally will not be seasick. While for fishing boats, since they are out at sea, we would like to recommend you to take some anti-seasick pills 1 hour before embarking the boat if you are not sure if you will get seasick or not.

Q:How to contact captain?

A:Once you complete the payment, we will send you a confirmation letter, which includes the name of captain, phone number, embarking point, and other details.

Q:Why should I choose Nboats.com?

A:Our team members have professional backgrounds such as maritime, yacht, catering and hotel. We also own and operate our own yachts to ensure our clients a competitive price. We know yachts more than general agents, we understand event planning better than shipowners, and we understand our customer needs. The yacht is often a customized activity, and we are professional to provide our clients with a memorable journey.

Q:Is the price listed on the web includes everything? Are there any other charges not included?

A: All listed prices on the web are transparent price, removing the uncertainty of“hidden costs”of boating. The activities onboard yachts are quite often customized. Please contact the customer services when places the order.