Why rent a yacht through a boat charter company

1.Various matching requirements


Some customers need to take wedding photos in luxury resorts, they need luxury yachts. some need to organize birthday parties for children, and they need a safe internal space. Some customers need to hold company events, and everyone can arrange to sit down. Some customers ask for marriage and need to give her a surprise. If customers need to build a company, they need to arrange activities such as KTV. According to the needs of customers,We will choose suitable yachts from the boat library for guests to use. If you can’t see the ship owner, more than 95% of the resources will run out.


2.Professional company

Like luxury car leasing, if you want to rent a luxury car such as Maybach, you need to contact a professional luxury car brokerage company. The same is true for luxury yachts. The shipowner is usually handed over to an intermediary company to handle customer order inquiries. They generally do not directly connect with customers. In addition, there are some similar exclusive authorizations entrusted to a brokerage company for management, and the Zhongyacht platform shows the opportunities for exclusive management of multiple yachts.

3.Unified arrangements for multiple links

For example, holding a birthday party yacht event generally requires event time lock, reserved time for yacht decoration, meal reservation, additional equipment assembly (KTV, etc.), yacht attendant configuration, etc. If there is no assistance from a yacht brokerage company, a lot of content will be Greatly discounted. Some customers reported that they had rented a yacht proposal from the owner in Sydney, and their meals and decoration requirements could not be arranged. They basically dragged them out for a round trip, and the experience was very poor. As a professional leasing company, the brokerage company is equivalent to the role of event planning. The client's headache is a normal and simple thing for us.


4.The price is guaranteed

Almost every yacht on the uboat platform can guarantee the lowest price, that is, we can do price match for the quotations that customers get from other competitors. Just like bunnings, with so many shops selling tools, bunnings can promise the lowest price, at least not worrying about the price.