Top fishing charters gold coast

Gold Coast is located on the coastline of the South Pacific. It takes 15 minutes to sail into the South Pacific. There are rich fishery resources here, and more than 3,000 kinds of fish live in this sea area. The aquaculture industry here is not farmed, all are caught and worked now, and in Queensland, anglers do not need a fishing license, anyone can fish in the open sea.
If you like the excitement of fighting big fish, like the surprise of the lever, like to show off your catch, like to taste the deliciousness of sashimi, as long as you like one of the above, you should participate in sea fishing here!
There are a few strokes in life. Through your hard work, your brave spirit and fruitful results, let people around you praise you with admiration!
Main beach.

2. Departure time: 06:00am or 11:00am
Return time: 11:00am or 04:00pm (play time: 5 hours)

3. [Guarantees of Confidence]
-The largest and most professional sea fishing fleet on the Gold Coast, with the fastest speed. Equipped with the most advanced fish school sound meter, deep sea sonar, GPS, radar and Robertson autopilot, it can find fish schools the fastest. The company-owned "Danish King Danesa K" is the largest and most advanced sea fishing boat on the Gold Coast, which can take 20 passengers
-Provide Shimano brand high-quality fishing gear and bait, which can catch a wide variety of fish, such as sea bream, pearl bass, totou, ghost knife and marlin, and a variety of Australian specialty species
-No experience is required. The crew are all sea fishing masters with many years of experience. The fishing skills will be taught on site to make it easy for you to get started
-You can take away your own fish as long as the size meets the regulations! You can also hand over the catch to a local Chinese restaurant for processing into a seafood feast (at your own expense)