Yacht Rental in Gold Coast

Many clients who go to Gold Coast for the first time are very interested in going to sea by yacht. On the sea surface with the sun setting in the west, tasting the champagne, feeling the fresh sea wind, and appreciating the beautiful scenery of setting sun……the joy of life is nothing but this. Yes, when you come to the coastal city like Gold Coast, it is a pity not to try going to sea by yacht!


Brief Introduction to Gold Coast and Harbour

Gold Coast is located at the middle of the Australian eastern coast and south of Brisbane. It is composed of more than 10 continuously arranged excellent beaches with length of about 42km, and named by the gold beaches. With pleasant climate, adequate sunshine, and dangerous and urgent sea wave, Gold Coast is suitable for surfing and water skiing, thus is a surfing paradise and key tourism holiday resort of the Queensland. Gold Coast belongs to the tropical marine climate, and is very warm all the year round. It is said that Gold Coast has 300 fine days in a year, thus it is very suitable for yacht vacationing.


Types of Yacht Rental in Gold Coast

In consideration of the natural climate conditions in Gold Coast, currently the clients’ yacht rental is mostly short rental, i.e. 3-6 hours of birthday party, anniversary celebration, hens party, bucks party and company annual party. However, the business of long rental in Gold Coast is the best among 8 destinations in Australia. That is to say, more and more clients choose not to purchase the yachts, but to charter yachts for 1-3 days even one week.


III. Current Situation of Yachts

There are about 10 luxury yachts for operation in Gold Coast. Some yachts berth in Gold Coast in Summer, and choose to carry out the long rental business in the northern Great Barrier Reef in winter. Meanwhile, there are about 12 catamarans and 5 tourism and sightseeing and party boats. The rental unit price of luxury yachts is A$600-2,750/hour. Since some yachts do not charge the BYO foods and wine fee, the cost performance of Gold Coast is much better than that of Sydney and Melbourne. Some yacht owner companies need the clients to purchase the set menu of foods and wine on the yachts.


How to Rent Yachts in Gold Coast

Since there are mainly two yacht types for rental in Gold Coast, you should firstly determine whether you need to rent a luxury yacht or a catamaran. The catamaran has the high cost performance and is applicable for water activity, but its disadvantage is not very luxurious. The advantage of luxury yacht is applicable for the high-grade parties such as birthday and proposal, but its disadvantage is high rental cost. Generally the catamaran allows BYO foods and wine for free, the total cost is equal to the yacht rental fee (rental unit price*hour number), so the price is affordable and friendly. For rental of a luxury yacht, you should firstly screen the applicable yacht according to own budget, and then calculate the accurate rental cost.


Total price =yacht rental fee (rental unit price*hour number)+BYO foods and wine fee+foods and wine fee+fees of other optional items. The quay fee and waiter fee are not charged in Gold Coast, which are included in the rental unit price. The most friendly point is that, the yachts in Gold Coast do not have the price differentiation of high season and off season.


For example, if a client plans to hold a yacht birthday party in November, and hopes to invite 30 friends to attend. The client has a total budget of A$2,000, and wants to adopt BYO foods and wine. Since the rental unit price of most luxury yachts is more than A$1,000/hour, the selection of luxury yachts can be eliminated basically. Moreover, the luxury yachts usually need the client to select the set menu of foods and wine provided by the luxury yachts, so the client’s budget cannot be met. Therefore, the client can rent the catamaran at the unit price of A$600/hour for 3 hours, and adopt BYO foods and wine for free. Therefore, the total price is A$600*3=1,800.

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