Buying and Selling Yachts and Renting Yachts with Cryptocurrency May Become More and More Common

The yacht transaction ways or payment ways are multiple, which depend on the buyer and the seller. Besides the conventional“collect on delivery”, some yacht sales agencies also accept the way of replacing a small yacht with a big yacht and supplementing some money. Or, the buyer and the seller may adopt the transaction way of “you give me a definite number of share of the XX company,then I transfer my yacht to you”.


In recent years, regardless of investment or speculation,the digital cryptocurrency has become more and more popular, and there have been more and more kinds. Nowadays, the world has had more than 10,000 kinds of cryptocurrency. Certainly, behind every kind of virtual currency is the support and operation of some forces and capital. However, it is undeniable that, especially in the recent two years, there are more and more stories of getting sudden wealth from extreme poverty in this field.


Toward numerous cryptocurrencies, people’s attitude is: believers still believe, and doubters remain doubtful!


The opposition is strong, and there are still risks. However, more and more worldwide countries, industries and enterprises have accepted the cryptocurrency, regardless of accepting explicitly or implicitly.


Actually, the cryptocurrency as a kind of payment way for yacht transaction has already started.


Let’s see the trace of Bitcoin (formally created on January 3, 2009) which is originator of cryptocurrency in the yacht transaction market. The American yacht brokerage company Denison Yacht announced to accept the Bitcoin for engaging in the subordinate yacht transactions as early as the end of 2014,including purchase and rental. Denison Yacht should be the global first yacht company accepting the Bitcoin. It also successfully sold 18 yachts in this way,including two transactions exceeding $10 million.


Certainly, any field has good and bad mixed together, so does the currency circle. Tens of thousands of cryptocurrency make people confused. Any kind of currency has the possibility of collapse. Considering the current situation, we should still say: investment must be cautious.


The world is having great changes, especially the financial system. People’s cognition and behavior ways are also being overturned ceaselessly. In a word, the risks and opportunities are coexisting.