Yacht Rental in Sydney

Sydney Harbour, also called Port Jackson, faces the Pacific on the east, and stays close to the Parramatta River at 20km to the west. Its south and north sides are the most prosperous heartland of Sydney. Therefore, some people say that the Sydney Harbour is a city harbour. Undoubtedly, one of the best viewpoints for appreciating Sydney is to cruise in the blue water of Sydney Harbour and overlook both banks.


1.Brief Introduction to Sydney and Sydney Harbour

The Circular Quay of the Sydney Harbour is the offshore central place of ferries and pleasure boats. People can select ferries and pleasure boats of various grades and voyages to appreciate the beautiful landscape of Sydney Harbour which is the largest natural harbour in the world. Certainly, here is also the most prosperous tourist distribution center. Ferries, yachts, motorboats, ocean liners and canoes rush to the global best harbour Sydney Harbour, and keep it alive all the time. Chartering a yacht and berthing it in the bay, or departing from the Circular Quay or Darling Harbour for cruising by boat, no matter what choice, it can make people pleasant.


2.Types of boat Rental in sydney

No matter harbour one-day tour, family leisure, friend gatherings, romantic proposal, grand wedding, and company celebration, or birthday party, candlelight dinner, and fishing on sea, our professional yacht rental team can provide the one-to-one services by aiming at your demands, and create the luxurious private yacht tour for you. You can follow the captain to appreciate the scenery of the world famous Sydney Harbour, and taste the top wine and Australian seafoods and delicious foods.


3. Current Situation of Sydney boat hire market

As the world-class natural harbour, the Sydney Harbour has gathered more than 170 commercial operation yachts, ranging from the luxurious yachts for world of two and large party boats for 950 persons. At present, there are complete ship types operating in the Sydney Harbour, including the small monohulls, small cruise yachts for less than 12 persons, catamarans, catamaran yachts, commercial activity party boats, luxurious yachts and super-luxurious yachts. Just because the Sydney Harbour has abundant yacht resources, the sufficient competition causes relatively reasonable market rental prices and abundant rental demands. I am an editor. Several of my overseas Chinese friends started from one small boat. After development for several years, they have owned six or seven luxurious yachts respectively.


4.How to Rent Luxurious Yachts in Sydney

The Sydney’s yacht rental costs are very different from those of other Australian cities. First of all, the yacht rental prices are different in off seasons and high seasons. The prices in legal holidays are generally 120% of those in normal days.


The total price=yacht rental fee (rental unit price*hour number)+wharf fee+waiter fee+BYO foods and wine fee+catering and wine fee+fees of other optional items. Generally, on Friday and Saturday, the owners do not allow guests to bring own wine and foods, so the guests have to book catering and wine from the yacht owner companies, then the BYO foods and wine fee is not charged. From Sunday to Thursday, the guests intending to bring own wine have to pay the BYO foods and wine fee. For special gatherings, such as bucks party, the yacht owners need to allocate additional security personnel. That is to say, each yacht owner company has different charging items and fees. For details, you may separately consult such company on the price composition of your favorite yacht. The rental unit price is A$300-3,500/hour, generally at least 3 hours. The quay fee is charged for 2 quays, generally A$50/each. The waiter fee is generally A$260-350/4 hours, and every 10 persons need to be allocated with one waiter. For the BYO foods and wine fee, different yacht owner companies have different charging ways. Some companies charge on a per-person basis, and some companies charge on a whole activity basis. The catering and wine fee is also subject to the menu of the yacht owner companies.


For example, if a guest plans to hold a yacht birthday party in July (Australian winter is an off season), and hopes to invite 30 friends to attend. The guest has a total budget of A$8,000, and needs the yacht owner company to provide catering and wine. Since the yacht rental in Sydney is limited to at least 4 hours for high seasons and 3 hours for off seasons, basically the guest can rent the yacht at about A$1,000/hour, so the yacht rental fee is A$3,000, the quay fee is A$100 , the waiter fee is A$900, the catering and wine fee can select the set menu of A$120/person, so the total fee is 1,000*3+100+900+30*120=A$7,600.


Almost all yachts that Uboat launches in Sydney can provide the best price guarantee . If you can find a lower price after booking or at other places, and provide us with the normal quotation, then we will be very glad to execute this price or beat this price, so to ensure that you can still enjoy the best price in Sydney!


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