How to rent a Yacht in Melbourne


Yacht as a kind of lifestyle has won more and more favor from contemporary people. In a brilliant afternoon with breeze blowing, you can leave the harbor and sail to the sea. On your way, you can feel the wave splashing and the yacht cleaving through the waves, and the seawater is quiet like lake and clear like crystal. Your private party time is started formally. You can feel the sea wave shaking and the sea wind touching. You can also open a bottle of red wine together with your friends, and feel the fantastic experience of good red wine, music and navigation.


1.Brief Introduction to Melbourne and Harbor

Melbourne is a southern coastal city and the second largest city in Australia. With the area of 8,831km², Melbourne has been awarded one of the most habitable cities for consecutive years. Melbourne is praised as the “Cultural Capital of Australia”, and also the national culture, commerce, education, entertainment, sports and tourism center.

2.Types of Yacht Rentalin Melbourne

At present, the yacht rental in Melbourne is mainly classified as private yacht rental and commercial yacht rental. In the view of most people, the private yachts cannot be rented out. However, the Australian laws stipulate that, the owners of private yachts with length less than 12m can rent out self private yachts for compensating the daily huge expenses of yachts by obtaining the exemption certificate. Uboat is starting to develop the private yacht rental projects. In case of need, please contact us. The other type is the often said commercial yacht rental with commercial rental license. These yachts can engage in the rental activities only by berthing at commercial harbors, employing commercial captains, and buying the commercial yacht insurance. Below we will mainly discuss the current situation of commercial yachts in Melbourne, and how to rent in the favorite yachts by spending a little money.


3.Current Situation of Commercial Yachts charter in Melbourne

Melbourne has long winter and low temperature. Meanwhile, several bridges of the Yarra River have height limitation, and the estuary is industrial wharf, so the sea scenery is not very beautiful. Therefore, there are few owners engaging in yacht rental in Melbourne. The whole Melbourne has two luxury yachts in docklands, and more than 10 party boats and boats engaging in tourism and sightseeing in the Yarra River, which mainly engage in selling boat tickets, thus are inappropriate for holding activities such as birthday party and company team construction.

4.How to rent a luxury Yacht in Melbourne

Uboat, as the head company yacht booking platform in Melbourne, launches almost all commercial yachts. It is the platform launching the most Melbourne yachts among Australian even global practitioners. Uboat always keeps deep and close cooperation with the owners of the above two luxury yachts in Melbourne. In 2020, Uboat concluded the exclusive market agreement with the 72-foot luxury yacht. Uboat is responsible for the market promotion and booking business of this yacht. We are seldom familiar with yacht rental like renting a house. Therefore, when people renting yachts, they mostly need to find a reliable and professional yacht rental brokerage company to make a booking.

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