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Boat rental is a very profitable business for boat owners. Rental generates revenue, which means that we can pay for part or all of the ship’s operating expenses with the revenue generated by boat rental, depending on the intensity of the ship’s commercial operations. The shipowner can formulate the time of use of the ship according to his own voyage plan, and can also formulate the charter time when the ship is idle. This is a very attractive plan, and many shipowners have already participated in our chartering work, because it can greatly reduce overhead costs.


In addition, a successful boat rental booking means brand awareness and repeat customers, and its resale value is higher than that of non-leased private yachts.


In the boat rental matters and decision-making process, the degree of participation of the shipowners is entirely up to them. We need to know when they plan to use their ship, which destination they want to sail to, and what kind of lease effect they want to achieve. However, once the above plan is discussed and agreed, we will represent the shipowner’s interests as the agency center to release their operation plan.


Generally speaking, agency are companies that represent multiple boats in the boat rental market, with the goal of providing satisfactory financial performance for each owner. This is commonly referred to as lease management. The agency center has multiple tasks and operates on multiple levels.


 First of all, through a large number of boat rental for promotion, so as to maximize the opportunity to make full appointments on the set date. The core strategy is online marketing, but a successful boat hire business also needs to be exhibited at the yacht show.


Secondly, the agency coordinates all boat rental inquiries, processes reservations and archives all operating information of related yachts. By analyzing this information, we can give ship owners suggestions on the best charter destinations and help them formulate operational plans for the next quarter.


The last point is that the agency, preferably a member of MYBA, pays close attention to the boat rental guidelines and maintains close contact with the crew to ensure that customers can have a satisfactory rental experience.

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