why should I hire a luxury yacht for birthday party

2, the sense of experience
That is to say, the birthday party gives the parties and the invitees feel. Hotels and KTVs are public places. Whether it is interior decoration or dress, everyone can be relatively formal, but airbnb, home or park is a little less interesting, such as invited Friends who have a good head and face will feel very uncomfortable, but friends who are closer will feel indifferent. The theme of the yacht party is set, or you can have a big scene, you can choose the table western style, whether it is photographed or decorated, it is suitable for the scene.

3, venue facilities
The hotel, ktv, private club and yacht facilities are relatively complete, with air conditioning, stereos, jukeboxes, kitchens, and tableware all available, which can fully meet various styles of parties. Parks and airbnb need to bring their own tableware, sound and singing equipment is estimated to be unable to provide.

4, decorative effect
The best decoration effect should be private clubs, and then yachts. Photographs are very good. Hotels, ktv, private clubs, airbnb, etc. are all indoor places, and the decoration effect is not too bad, and yachts are both indoor and outdoor. In the two scenes, there are certain difficulties and requirements for decoration, but the effect will not let you down.

In short, birthday parties, when budget permits, are the preferred yacht parties for the pursuit of unique experiences, followed by private clubs, KTVs, hotels, etc.