Luxury boat hire Girlfriends birthday party competition of venue planning options

Speaking of birthday parties, there must be some boys who must be like me. The first thing that comes to mind is to have a meal with their family at home and have a birthday cake after the meal. But this kind of celebration is too old-fashioned, scumming soil. If you are already married, you still have to say in the past. If you are single and are pursuing girls, it is estimated that this method will not be able to catch up with girls haha. In fact, for a birthday party, we can also choose a hotel, KTV, airbnb, private club, home or park. Of course, if we want to have an impressive and unique birthday party, we can also choose a trendy and popular among young people. It is luxury boat hire party.Place-yacht. Below, we will compare the differences between these types of venues from several dimensions such as operating costs, personal and invited experience, venue facilities and decoration effects, and novelty, and give you a reference.

  1. Budget cost
    The place where the hotel can handle birthday parties is at least the function room of the hotel. Hotels and KTVs generally do not allow their own food and drinks. The billing method is rented by the hour, or calculated by the head, with a minimum consumption.
    Judging from the quotations of several commonly used hotels and KTVs in Melbourne, it is about 80-200 per person.
    Airbnb and private clubs are also more and more popular among young people. Because of the different styles, you can usually bring your own drinks and food, and the cost will be lower, about 50-120 per person.
    If you are at home or in the park, there is no venue fee, just some food and drinks. If the cost is well controlled, it will be about 20-70 per person.
  2. Yachts are quite different. Take Melbourne as an example. Unlike Sydney’s Gold Coast, where there are only a few commercial yachts, the cost of small yachts is relatively cheap, and the luxury price is about 90-130 per person.
    Second, the sense of experience
    That is to say, the birthday party gives the parties and the invitees feel. Hotels and KTVs are public places. Whether it is interior decoration or dress, everyone can be relatively formal, but airbnb, home or park is a little less interesting, such as invited Friends who have a good head and face will feel very uncomfortable, but friends who are closer will feel indifferent. The theme of the yacht party is set, or you can have a big scene, you can choose the table Western style, whether it is photographed or decorated, it is suitable for the scene.