Why more and more people like to hire a luxury yacht for birthday parties

How many parties have you attended?

Parties - we have all been to them. There are so many themes and types, but we don't all have time to go to them all.

Birthday party, Marriage-related parties, Farewell party, Christmas caroling party etc.

To Survive a Boring Party (ie.Park party, Beach Party, Restaurant Venues etc.)

To Throw an Unforgettable Party - One of the most popular parties - cruise party



Yachts are relatively common in foreign countries. On weekends, we can always see some local people with trailers pulling large and small yachts to the dock for launching, but the proportion of yachts that can be used for a party is quite small. These yachts are still held by some rich people, so ordinary people can only shrink away from them. If you can buy a yacht for your birthday and invite your friends and family out to the sea to celebrate your birthday, you will still make a special impression on yourself and the invitee by drinking champagne and listening to music. You have a unique style, not to mention how to play, just the birthday party is held on a yacht, you are already different from everyone else!


2.Perfect private space

Unlike a hotel birthday party, there are only so many views around the hotel! Compared with the yacht, it is simply "blocked". It also provides you with absolute privacy. If you don't want to be disturbed, you're the only one on this ship. When the boat leaves the dock, it's your private island and can take you anywhere you want to go. Music is playing and everyone can have a good time. Listen to dynamic music and dance without worrying about complaints from guests in the next room and tell you to lower your decibel level after 10 o 'clock!


3.The ultimate luxury experience

Commercial yachts generally used for charter in addition to the yacht itself luxury interior, meal service requirements are not less than luxury five-star hotels.

Dinner is also held on the yacht, the birthday party is completely surrounded by the evening romantic atmosphere, taste a formal dinner on the deck of the open air, usually can bring a private chef to the yacht, of course, there is wine company, this is a private yacht of your own time. The birthday party is a luxurious and memorable experience, with guests taking photos of each other while eating the meals prepared by the yacht's expertly cooked chefs.


4.Include everything you need

A birthday party on land requires decorations, food, drinks, KTV, etc., which are available on these yachts and are of exclusive high standard. In addition, if you have special needs, you can also contact us. Guests can bring a prepared birthday cake and plan the details of the yacht decoration with our design team. Food and drinks are also available in a set menu, which saves a lot of time. All that's left is to do some karaoke with friends and have a good time.

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