Where to find fish and how to fish with fishing charters in perth


1.Go with a companion.

2. Query ocean waves, tide level, and wind direction

Recommendation 1: willyweather, http://www.willyweather.com.au/, recommendation 2: seabreeze,


3. Prepare a life jacket and anti-skid shoes. The risk of going out is relatively high, and it will disappear after a slip outside.

There are about two kinds of life jackets, try not to have airbags, because you have to change your air every year.
There are 3 types of non-slip shoes,
Gaotongji fishing shoes are not suitable for novices and are expensive.
There are two types of rubber shoes, felt sole and nail sole.
A chain that can be used for mountaineering is nailed to the bottom, which is easier to use and commonly used.
Life jackets and protective shoes are sold at local fishing gear stores for almost $50. Everyone must be prepared in case of an accident.

4. Fishing license
First of all, fishing in Australia, especially with fishing charters in perth,the fish certificate is a must, you must buy it.

Western Australia fishing license can be applied online (http://www.fish.wa.gov.au/Fishing-and-Aquaculture/Recreational-Fishing/Pages/Recreational-Fishing-Licences.aspx) or paid at the office.

5. Fishing tackle
Generally speaking, fishing for beginners can go to KMART or BIG W to buy it. Basically, if a novice sinks to the bottom with fishing charters, buy a pole that is more than 7 feet.

6. Fishing bait
Banana shrimp:
Basically, the bait for beginners is to go to the supermarket to buy banana prawn (banana prawn) because banana prawn meat is firmer and more expensive.

The fishing tackle shop sells them, but the sardines are easy to lose bait when they are thrown, and the effect is not as good as that of banana shrimp, but it is cheaper.

Hanging fish is not to be eaten, it is fast and cheap, but the bite is not very good.
It is recommended that novices (2) buy 1K banana shrimp, a small bag of sardines, and a large piece of chicken breast. It is not a problem to play for a day. Don't use shrimp when there is no fish, replace the sardines and chicken, and protect the shrimp until there is fish.


When you follow the sea fishing charters, the captain will prepare all the bait.


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