Some tips of Tasmania fishing charters

There are a lot of fishes off the coast of Hobart, Tasmania. I will list some common fishes. The APP of fishery administration is only in English, which is difficult for those who are not good at English And there is still a big gap between the pictures of fish in the APP and the actual ones.
Based on my previous fishing charters experience, I have listed the photos of the fish in comparison with their English names for reference by friends who are new to fishing here.
Friends who first come to Tadao to fish must follow the Fishing Rules here, and strictly follow the regulations to fish and take away the fish.
If you are not sure about the type of fish, you do not know the compliant size. In this case, you should ask online in time. If you don’t ask for approval, don’t take the fish away because the fishery administration will conduct random inspections from time to time. If you are a regular fish, the fine can't be avoided.
Fishing should not only pay attention to the Bag Limit per person, but also the Possession Limit of the number of fish in the house. Generally speaking, the number of fish remaining in the house cannot exceed twice the number of fish that can be fished. For details, please refer to the fish regulations.

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• If the fish caught does not meet the size and quantity regulations, but the hook is swallowed, what should I do? According to the fish regulations: directly interrupt the fishing line and release the fish, so that the fish may still have a chance to survive.
• If the fish caught does not meet the size and quantity regulations, but the fish is dead, can it be taken away? According to the fish regulations, it cannot be taken away, but can be thrown directly back into the sea.
• Can the caught fish be sold? According to the fish regulations, both buyers and sellers must be punished heavily, and no exchange can be made. However, gifts within the scope of the fish regulations are acceptable.
• Do I need a fishing license when book a fishing charters ? No need. Fishing for freshwater fish, abalone, and lobster requires a corresponding fishing license.


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