Cairns Sea Fishing charters Half Day Tour

I participated in sea fishing charters for a half day trip in Cairns. I grew up by the sea. I often participated in sea fishing charters at home. This time when I arrived in Cairns and looked at the blue sky and blue sea, my hands were itchy, so I booked a half-day sea fishing and crabbing tour through uboat.

We drove out at 8 o’clock in the morning. The weather was very good and the sky was clear. We went to the Cairns Wharf as scheduled. The parking fee is charged. The parking fee in the morning is 6 Australian dollars. It is okay to see a lot of yachts and fishing chartrers at the Cairns Marina. Just show the order of uboat to the captain, which is very convenient. For people who are not very good at English, booking through a third party ( is the best choice, which saves a lot of trouble and is affordable.

After a while, the people arrived. The fishing boat can hold about 10 people. It is very convenient and comfortable to have an awning and a toilet. The boss of the boat also prepared a few snacks and iced drinks. The fishing boat set off in the bright sun. It was calm. Everyone prepared fishing tackle. The bait was shrimp. The boss of the boat watched the navigation and the fish finder looking for the fishing spot. The boat stopped and began to anchor. Everyone couldn’t wait to put the hook in the sea. After a while, the old foreigner’s fishing rod at the stern of the boat trembles, and he is on the fish. It is a shining silver fish similar to a bass. It is more than a flick long. The boss of the boat uses a chopstick to turn the fish a few times and removes the fish from the hook. The action is skillful, and then it is released back to the sea. While everyone was busy, the boss of the boat took out the snack rolls and ate the fresh and delicious rice noodles. It turned out that the boss of the boat was of Vietnamese origin. He drank an iced drink and looked at the endless sea with the sea breeze. After fishing for a while, everyone got on the fish one after another.

At this time, the skipper of the fishing boat led us to catch crabs. The boat turned around for a while and saw a float. After hooking up, a crab cage was pulled up from the water. In fact, it was a cage that could not go in and out, with bait in it. If you put it in the sea, you will get a harvest. When you look at several crabs, they are the local specialty mud crabs of Cairns. Throw the small ones back into the sea, and take the big ones out. They are not big enough, and they are waving two large crab claws. Bring a few cans, just listen to Kaka, the cans are clipped to pieces by the crab claws, it is quite powerful! After playing for a while, the boss of the boat cooked the crabs and shared it with everyone, and the crab roe was very delicious. Everyone was eating while fishing, and the boat changed various places, just before the end of noon. , I heard what our little friend called. I couldn’t shake it. Looking at her low fishing rod and laboriously shaking the reel, I guess the fish is not small. Sure enough, a grouper came up. It was a lot of fun, and I asked if the boss of the boat could take it away. It was time, and the boat returned to the dock. We cooked the stewed grouper in the evening. It was quite delicious. After all, it was a pleasant sea fishing charter experience for everyone.

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