Real best fishing charters in Melbourne NO FISH, HALF PRICE 

Maybe you will find that everyone says they are the best fishing charters. We are a fishing charters platform and will objectively evaluate the level of service and fishing skill of each. Because they are good at different Fish species, some are good at snapper, some are good at tuna, and some are good at wrasse at different time.

We work with some top fishing charters in Melbourne such as Shark men Fishing Charters, reel time fishing charters, Cassar fishing charters and so on. We only recommend the real best fishing charters to our customers.

  1. Location

St Kilda, Williamstown, Mornington, Carrum, Hastings, Sorrento, queenscliff...

  1. Fishing charters

Snapper fishing charters ( late September - January)

The reports of catches will come in from Queenscliff, Mt Martha and along the Mornington Peninsula to st kilda. In the early stages of the migration, the fish follow this predictable path. We found the Lonsdale Bight is a solid early season destination.

We just target big red snapper.

Whiting or Squid Fishing Charters(all year round )

Individuals & Small Groups up to 6 People 5 hour trips is most popular fishing charters for First time angler. This kind of fish is very easy to catch. It's so simple, even children can catch them. Suitable for the whole family to spend the weekend on the boat.

Squid is also very suitable for use as bait during sea fishing. What's more exciting is that they taste super delicious. Many of our charters target these fish throughout the year, mainly in Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne.

Bluefin Tuna Fishing Charters ( April to September)

Tuna fishing season can run from as early as February and keep going right up until October in Portland and Melbourne.

As we all know, tuna is the most challenging and exciting game fish. Every year we have many charters from Victoria to the west coast of Portland and Port Fairy to do business, where they lead a group of people to the middle of the sea every day to chase tuna. . Action is almost guaranteed!

For sea fishing enthusiasts, tuna must be a fish species that everyone is looking forward to. The tuna belongs to the Scombridae family and is also called tuna. It is a warm-water migratory fish, and it is also a fish species that migrates around the world without borders. Like a torpedo, it swims extremely fast, and it feels very strong behind the middle fish. Because of this, it brings great challenges and satisfaction to sea fishing enthusiasts.

  1. Price

As shown private fishing charters in melbourne


When you fish with Uboat® professional fishing charters (Skipper Pro ), everyone on board will catch fish or there is HLAF PRICE . Simply put, we are the only one offer the best No fish, HALF PRICE policy  in Melbourne!

No one else makes this guarantee and backs it up. Read our reviews from customers, does their track record support it, will they back the guarantee as we can. We can because we are confident we will do the right things regarding your fishing trip, put you on fish, and at the same time teach you how to catch fish. We are confident, so much so we are willing to put our money on it!

This is a policy that takes the worry out of booking your next trip. No other company offers a more performance-driven guarantee.

It is your time and your dime, how do you want to spend it? Hopefully with our confidence and guarantee!

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