Some Thoughts on boat hire Goes Popular


A yacht is a leisure boat that integrates navigation, sports, entertainment, leisure and other functions. It has been widely enjoyed by people to charter a yacht and sail out to the open sea. However, people especially from mainland China still have some misunderstanding towards yachting, they believe that yachts are so expensive and beyond of their reach.


In the past, few people in China were willing to buy small yachts, especially fishing boats, but nowadays some people realize that why should I buy a big yacht? Needless to say, the price is very too high. The berthing and maintenance costs plus the cost of employees are very expensive. What I really need is excitement experienced at sea, not the "value-added" brought by the yacht.


Compared to car or other item rental fees, the price of chartering a yacht is more expensive, and it can even be said to be several times the former. Therefore, from the perspective of a yacht operator, we will discuss what factors the yacht rental cost is related to, and try to find some ways to reduce costs and promote the popularization of yachts.


The yacht chartering fee is mainly determined by the following factors, one is the model, size and value of the yacht itself; the second is the length of chartering time; the third is the cruising time when yacht running at sea; the fourth is the labor cost and the fifth is the business advertising cost.


In response to these five factors, proposes the corresponding solutions:

The first is to encourage ship owners to fully investigate the status of commercial yachts in their cities or waters, purchase yachts of appropriate size, and conduct differentiated operations.

The second is to purchase a second-hand commercial yacht as much as possible, which can both save costs and facilitate to be plugged into the market quickly. Cause it sometimes takes a long time to change a leisure yacht to a commercial yacht in some countries, and it is time-consuming and expensive.

The third is to minimize the time period for yacht rental. For example, some yachts are leased for a minimum of 3 days. This will lose a large number of potential customers. For yachts, especially luxury yachts, that are listed on, we highly recommend boat owners to cut the chartering time into pieces like 2 hours in order to provide more flexibility for customers.

Take a 40-foot yacht as an example. It costs 2,000 dollars a day, thus 6,000 dollars for three days. If we cut the chartering time to 3 pieces, the yacht sails 3 times a day for 3 hours at a time, 400 dollars per hour. Then, the total income will be 400 * 3 * 3 * 3 = 10800 dollars.

From the perspective of the cost of getting a customer, the latter method is also more competitive. The first option is to rent one customer for three days, and charge 6,000 dollars. The second option is to rent nine customers for three days and charge each 1200 dollars.  It is apparent that to find a potential customer willing to pay 6,000 dollars is much more difficult than to find 9 clients who need to pay 1200 dollars to charter a yacht.

In addition, for a boat owner, the first method is a matter of 0 or 1. If the monthly fixed cost of yacht operation is 6000, being able to find the guests will solve all the problems of the owner. If not, the owner needs to make up the full amount. By the contrast, the second solution, if three customers can be found, will solve a large part of the cost. Therefore, we are more willing to persuade the boat owner to reduce the unit time period and price to win more customers.


Fourth, we suggest the boat owners or company employees could drive the commercial yachts themselves. It is prohibited to drive commercial yachts using a private yacht driving license in Australia.  By doing so, the labor cost could be reduced significantly. What is more, maintenance work should be done by own team as much as possible.

Fifth, advertising investment is a complex issue, which will not be discussed one by one here. We will set up special discussions. In the period of rapid development of the yacht industry, adheres to the vertical development of yachts, strives to create a professional yacht chartering platform, and contributes to the promotion of the nautical culture and yacht lifestyle! is committed to solving the problems of yacht chartering business, and is focused on service upgrades to provide customers a more cost-effective and more comfortable yacht cruising experience. We are willing to help more people to enjoy their own private yacht at a lower price. At the same time, we also help yacht owners to share and lease yachts to those in need in a simpler, flexible and cost-effective way to reduce their operational costs.