Why boat hire in Australia

Australia is the world's largest island with a long coastline. Due to the influence of geographical location, Australians' love for the ocean and sea sports have reached an inexhaustible level. Buying a yacht and cruising at sea with family and friends become a favorite activity for many locals.

Australia is a country with 80% of population is middle class, not many super rich people, neither are there many poor ones. Owning a yacht becomes quite normal, and actually every ten homes in Australia have a private yacht, and $50,000 is enough to buy a second-hand yacht. However, owning a yacht is not so simple. It is very expensive to leave yachts in the bay alone. In addition to berth fee $10,000 every year, maintenance, bank interests, depreciation, and etc. cost money, and makes the owners annoying.

If you charter a boat, you could enjoy the time at sea with family and friends, and no need to consider about the costs. At sea, you just enjoy the surrounding scenery. Today's sunshine does not seem to be much different from yesterday, but today there are more clouds and a rainbow in the distance! If it were you, would you choose a capricious yacht vacation? Away from the noise of the city, just listen to the sound of the sea breeze! Spend your day on the boat, enjoy sunshine, meet surprises, and be romantic!

If you want to compare daily entertainment with chartering yachts to go out to sea, a major feature of chartering is to ensure absolute privacy. The most important thing is that she brings you real freedom. At the same time, you can also customize your own vacation and tailor-made routes and services. No wonder the rich people like to choose yachts as a way to relax away from the daily life.

Of course, you can also enjoy a very professional service on a cruise ship, but you can only follow specific routes with them, and there are too many people on the cruise ship, which makes it uncompetitive compared to a private chartered yacht.


If you have chartered a yacht, the captain will consult your opinion and ask where do you want to go today? They will focus on you and serve you wholeheartedly. And it will provide you with absolute privacy. If you don't want to be disturbed, then you are the only one on this ship.

Safety is our top priority. Compared to private yachts, commercial boats have strict safety requirement, both for boat and for captain and skipper. And we are also proud of our staff, they all have the maritime background and experiences. We ensure our clients that all yachts listed on Nboats.com are selected elaborately, and been inspected by professional maritime safety counselors to ensure the safety and security of boats.