about us

Nboats is a boat charter website that provides an online marketplace for boat owners and boat renters. It is managed by C&A YACHT CLUB and the company is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Beside yacht chartering service, its business also includes yachts operation management and sales for owners.

Nboats has listed more than 310 high quality boats from Australian and New Zealand major harbor cities. With the development of the company, our market has grown beyond Chinese customers travelling in Australia and local residents, to guests all round the world. So far, over 17000 guests have enjoyed our premium service. In addition, we also collaborate with Chinese high-end travelling platforms such as Honghu, Qiongyou and Zuzu Che etc. to provide clients with more travelling options.

As a professional platform in the segmentation field, we have been cultivating the yacht resources of Australia and New Zealand. All listed yachts are inspected by experienced American bureau ship surveyor to ensure the safety and seaworthiness. We collaborate with yacht owners directly to provide a competitive price for our clients.

Meanwhile, a credit rating mechanism was established for each listed boat to maintain a sound and quality service. Both clients and platform are entitled to give a mark to the boat and the captain. We promise to remove the yachts that do not comply with the maritime regulations or been credited as sub-standard.

The core team members, graduated from World Maritime University, make a competitive advantage. Their working experiences both within maritime safety administrations and leading cruise lines represent our expertise in yacht management.

Their passion and unique understanding towards boat and sailing is the cornerstone of our premium services to provide a safe, professional and high quality yachting journey. Since the foundation of Nboats, our abundant resource has enabled us to establish an admired reputation in the Australian yacht chartering market and has been recognized by travelling agents, customers and counterparties.

Nboats is committed to become the leading yacht chartering platform in south pacific, and provides our customers with excellent yacht services.